Ooooby Eats

Ooooby Eats


Alfie's Kitchen has teamed up with Ooooby to bring you Ooooby Eats.

This month we will be having a plant based share style dinner, showcasing the fine produce of Margin's Mushrooms. It will be an evening of jazz tunes by Dani Silva & Ben Panucci, native drinks by Trolley'd and a cooking demo from Joey, who will run through the techniques to use your Ooooby produce.

Start time is 7pm, 18th October and it is BYO.

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Margin’s Mushrooms is a family based business in Woy Woy. It all started as an experiment to see if their cool room from their old ice cream factory would be suitable for them to grow shrooms.
On the way through this journey Kim & Chris met Neal Marlan, a third generation mushroom farmer whose family had been in the commercial mushroom farming business almost from the start of the industry.

Having gained some in-depth knowledge from this state of the art mushroom farm and countless readings of mushroom cultivation books, back issues of the Australian Mushroom Growers Association magazine etc. magic happened. The whole family jumped in and with some bumps along the road the business expanded from the old ice cream factory to a larger premises in 2011. Starting off with only one room Margin's now have expanded their shroom business to three rooms and are continuing to tune up their shroom growing skills continuously. 


Ooooby Sydney is your local online farmers market. Launched in 2013 from a back yard in Newtown with less than 50 customers, to date they've delivered over 45,000 boxes of local food to more than 2,500 Sydney residents.
Where would we be without our growers? Ooooby has a rich network of local and organic growers and suppliers that produce a great variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. They deserve their fair share of the rewards so Ooooby pays them at least 50% of the retail value of all their box deliveries. Most produce is direct from growers and hand-packed.
Ooooby's mission is to put small-scale sustainable farming back at the heart of the food system we all depend on and to make it easier for the more than 500 million small-scale farmers and producers in the world to see success. 


Recent and emerging vocalist, Dani Silva weaves a vocal narrative that blends Jazz, Latin and Bossa genres to deliver a diverse and rich medley of jazz classics. Drawing from her musical roots, which lie foremost in South American folklore music, and combining this with her passion for soulful tunes, she will lend us an evening of colourful, warm and delicate tones for the senses.

Since moving to Sydney in 2007, Ben Panucci has made a name for himself as an in demand guitarist on the Australian music scene an has worked with many of the country's finest musicians such as Ngaiire, Paul Mac, Phil Slater and Mike Nock.  Ben is the founding member of the band, New Venusians and has recently begun a solo project that will take flight next year. He also plays and tours with The Cope Street Parade, Mister Ott and Geoff Bull, to name a few.



With over a decade of experience within the food and service industry, Trolley’d fly to Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne with their repurposed & up-cycled fleet of Ansett Airline trolleys.

All Trolley’d cocktails use organic ingredients sourced from local farms, as well as native Australian ingredients, much of which is foraged by our team. We are Sydney’s first bar embracing the qualities of sustainability, native and organic ingredients, and local produce in all their creations.